Is Egypt Safe for Travelers ?!

September 6, 2016

Is there any place in the world is 100% safe ?! is your home in Paris , Germany , London Stockholm is 100% safe ?!.

this still didn’t answer your question but the truth is There is no threat from terrorism in Egypt and over the past two years the Egyptian Government had took extra procedures to secure Tourists all over the country . so the answer is yes Egypt is pretty safe for tourists even though what is in the News which only show the bad news in a bad way .

I don’t ask you to take my word for it that Egypt is as safe as anywhere else, but I do ask you to do some research into the history of Egypt since 2011 – find out how many tourists have been killed or injured, and when you find any – dig deep into the facts of those reports.

What NOT to do in Egypt as a tourist (or perhaps anywhere else in the world for that matter):

  • Don’t go looking for excitement in the middle of a big crowd, regardless of what is going on
  • Don’t arrive in Egypt thinking it is easy to find a hotel, a guide, or whatever at the last minute once you get here.  Do a bit of research in advance.  Know who you are hiring.
  • Don’t go walking along the Nile at night or darkened streets away from the main streets.
  • Don’t go off the beaten track looking for the ‘hidden Egypt’.  Anything worth seeing will definitely not be hidden
  • If you are a ‘party person’ it can be tempting to head off to a night club other that the one in your hotel (some, but not all hotels have nightclubs which can go on til 6 am)…..if you do, then at the very least make sure you let someone know where you are going and what time you will be back.  Allowing yourself to be taken from your intended nightclub etc to a second or third “better party”  is a terrible idea in any strange country.

Get the right perspective on safety

In comparison to the risk of street muggings or violence in Chicago, to the risk of the continuous earthquakes in China, or even the risk of the common floods in Gt. Britain, the risk in Egypt is minimal. You are more likely to be run over crossing the street at home than you are to be involved in a terrorist attack in Egypt.



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