• Petra Tour from Taba by Ferry Boat

    Ride across the Gulf of Aqaba on the ferry to Jordan, where we will take you to the incredible, rock-cut city of Petra. This is truly a site to

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  • Snorkeling Day Tour in Taba

    Snorkeling Day Tour in Taba
    Visiting the fascinating cove known as Salah El-Din Fortress. One of the main attractions of Taba Heights is the diving and snorkeling, discovering a whole new

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  • St. Catherine Day Tour from Taba

    Travel at night to St. Catherine at the foot of Mount Sinai. Climb the mountain in darkness to take in the stunning sunrise from the mountaintop before descending again

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  • Trip to Colored Canyon Nuweibaa from Taba

    Drive south from Taba to the mountains near Nuweiba to hike through these impressive canyons with narrow passages and towering, beautifully colored walls. Our staff will introduce you to

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